Weekly Things - February 09, 2019

February 10, 2019

Tim Ferris puts out a weekly email called 5-bullet Friday where he discusses the 5 things he’s “been loving, using, and reading.”

Honestly.. I don’t find his things overly helpful or interesting - so I unsubscribed. BUT -  I liked the idea of keeping track of things that caught my eye throughout the week.

So here are some things that I watched, read, listened to, or otherwise enjoyed this week that I noticed enough to jot down.


Netflix’s The Punisher Season 2

Overall really well done season. I also just learned that Netflix doesn’t have an overly intuitive way to share a link directly to their content, so you’ll have to search it.


Parables of Judgement -  Robert Farrar Capon

Stan Lemon sent me this book and I’m finally finishing the third book in the volume on the Parables of Judgement. I have really been enjoying his treatment of the parables.

Get it on Amazon.


Life with a Twist of Lemon

This week we had an episode on the Super Bowl, Weezer, and National Pizza Day. If you haven’t listened to the podcast you should!

Website | Overcast.fm

Art of Manliness Podcast #470 - A Proven System for Building and Breaking Habits

Interesting listen on habit theory.

Listen on Overcast

Mac Power Users #465 - Stephen… Who?

Introducing the new co-host of Mac Power Users.

Listen on Overcast


Roasters Coffee House - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

If you’re in the Cedar Rapids area stop by Roasters to stock up on beans or to sit and enjoy a cup!


Big Grove Brew Pub

Stopped by to have lunch with Friends here today. Their Duck and Cover brew was delightful.



Traditional Pink Gin:

2 oz gin (I use Beefeater.) 3-5 dashes Angostura Bitters Optional garnish: lemon twist

Combine gin and bitters, stir in ice, strain into glass of your choice.

Written by Jonathan Kohlmeier a technologist living in Cedar Rapids, IA, often found with a pipe between his teeth.

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